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Was buying a very large carton to pack the product in and fill unused voids in the carton with internal packing material. Consequently the packing of the product was messy, time consuming and when packed the product was difficult to handle.

We investigated the problem and developed a box with a unique configuration, which did not require any internal packing materials leading to the integrity of the product and easier handling.


Could not locate packaging for an irregular shaped product, which would allow the item to be packed for international distribution whilst still presenting the required image.

We worked with the customer to design a solution ensuring all packaging requirements were fully met and the product was displayed to the best advantage.

Was importing a range of special boxes with unique finish and suffered erratic deliveries, consistently rising prices and ever extending run quantities.

We were able to source the material and offer a number of acceptable advantages e.g. producing shorter runs, fast deliveries whilst extending the range of boxes available leading to improved cash flow, and end user satisfaction.

Custom Design Testimonial

We are a small On Line Retailer selling Specialist Paints.

A consistent problem was encountered when shipping tins of liquid paint was that despite our best efforts with tape, plastic bags, jiffy bags etc. about three to five parcels per week where damaged in transit.

We approached Richard Britton at HBP to see if he could design three small boxes suitable for a 125ml, 250ml and 500ml size tins and that they would be strong enough to protect the cans from damage whilst being cost effective.

Not only did Richard match the brief but he exceeded it by offering two sizes of box i.e one that would be suitable for both the 125ml and 250ml sizes and one for the 500ml sizes.

A big plus point for switching to these cartons was that it worked out as Cost Neutral compared to the tape, plastic bags and jiffy bags that we were using.

We started using these cartons about one year ago and we were astounded to find that our Damaged In Transit parcels have been reduced from to 10 per week to 1 per month, amazing.

The feedback we get from our customers regarding the quality of our packaging has also improved, all in all a brilliant story of the humble cardboard box.

I would have no hesitance in recommending Richard and his team at HBP to offer good quality products, fairly priced and delivered in a timely fashion.

Keith Lorimer
MD Fascinating Finishes LTD

I would have no hesitancy in recommending Richard and his team at HBP to offer good quality products, fairly priced and delivered in a timely fasshion - MD Fascinating Finishes Ltd.